The TDM2000 Malta Gozo Carnival Weekender 2012!

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For the 6th year running TDM 2000 Malta is organising and hosting a fantastic weekend in Gozo coinciding with the wacky Nadur Carnival! ALL MALTESE AND INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS ARE WELCOME! 🙂 Event: Nadur Carnival Weekend Date: 17-19th February 2011 Place: Tal Fanal Estate, Ghasri Gozo email us on for more info on packages and pricing for Maltesers and for our international friends! This year it is also SMART CARD REFUNDABLE for students of the University of Malta! As many of you know the Gozo Nadur Carnival sees thousands of people pouring into the streets and dressing up in unimaginable spooky and crazy costumes. The costumes you will see are a mixture of Halloween and Dark Costumes, Jolly and Crazy costumes, Cultural and uncultured Costumes, Jokes and more! That’s it! So get inspired and prepare the weirdest and most creative costume possible. The couple of pictures on our website gallery will get you started there: Besides the Main event which is the actual carnival itself, you will be able to spend four days with us, enjoying the best of Typical Maltese and Gozitan food and culture as well as being given the opportunity to do some interesting site-seeing. Gozo is referred to the island ‘where time stood still’. You will understand this when experiencing this environment and you will realize why the Maltese often escape from Malta to go to Gozo for a weekend break! Guys go ahead and find your costumes and book your tickets because


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haha vera! jien ilbist ta punk loooll


viva l-karnival!!

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