Spirit of Malta (overview of the island)

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This video was filmed in Malta between 02.2005 to 08.2005 and edited in extreme rush in 2 hours (night before my plane back home for vacation, I made it specially to show Malta to my friends and parents back in Ukraine). The soundtrack is an “Everyday song” by “Winter Moods” (Maltese band, wintermoods.net). All filmed on an amateur Panasonic NV-28EN by me except 3 helicopter shots which I took from the stock footage in the studio I work for. PS. Following the arguments in the comments I calculated the amount of shots that were done in Malta, Gozo and Comino and they are approximately Malta (60), Comino (20), Gozo (15). So it’s Malta guys which features the most 😉


Arzuman Tanriverdi says:


SenorHaid says:

I move to Malta, for atleast six months, at the end of this month. Thanks for the video.

missmalta1980 says:

Come and join my amazing group on FACEBOOK it for people that love Malta and maltese people around the globe ….. the group called maltese people around the globe hope to see u there….

Martin Attard says:

80 dislikes? why?

guditta78 says:

And by the way in Canada the law hasn’t changed at all as four months ago the Canadian government set a quota of 400,000 for seal hunting, what has changed is Russia joining the EU in banning the importation of seal fur which accounts for 95% of all Canadian seal fur exportation.

guditta78 says:

If you don’t live in Malta you can’t really say what our ability or inability is and what is changing or not. The overwhelming majority of the Maltese don’t like birdhunting and animal cruelty, we don’t like laboratory tests on animals, the vegetarian community is growing and sales of cruelty free products are on the rise. I stick to my argument as 5% of the Maltese who decide to be barbaric in their actions are not representative of the whole population.

JellyBellyMystic says:

In Spain they are changing the laws. No.more bullfights. The laws have changed in Canada and the fight goes on to protect the fox. What makes the Mates people unique is their inability to change. They will fight to the death for he right to remain uncivilized in their treatment of animals. You cannot talk with a Maltese about animal rights because their selfish lack of understanding and compassion is limited to a simple and cruel love of senseless killing, from roof tops to back yards & beaches

guditta78 says:

In spain they kill bulls for sport. In france they shoot foxes for sport. In canada they slaughter seals for their coat……..the list goes on and on and on. It’s not a Malta thing, it’s humanity in its most horrific form!

KnownAsHannan says:

Is Malta nice anyone live or visit it? Is it warm like LA? And surfing good? And are their beaches everywhere? Reply please.

JellyBellyMystic says:

They shoot birds for sport.

Daniel Baldacchino says:

Let me know of somewhere that isn’t about who you know and politics…

mosesmoses2000 says:

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Johan Ruz says:

thank and valleta is a very beautiful place

Noodles37UK says:

Lol cool. A lot of hotels and self service holiday homes up there. Nice place : )

Johan Ruz says:

from Buġibba

Noodles37UK says:

Same here. Get sick of hearing about fellow half castes who’s DADS came from a certain place. To me, it’s about the MUM coming from the place way off.
Mine’s from Valletta, where’s your Mum from?

maltikburi2 says:


Great video mate

robbojnr28 says:

my favourite place to go.people so friendly,food brilliant,weather beautiful.enjoyed watching your film

Pasquale D'Errico says:

-28 and i will live there!!! MALTA I’M COMING!!!!!!

Johan Ruz says:

i love malt and my mum comes from there

Maltaskin says:

Malta is beautiful.I grew up there.I do miss it there.But I can’t live there.No matter how much talented you are,it’s not how much you know,it who you know.You won’t make a living.Sadly it’s all about politics

hrubylesnov says:

More about illegal bird hunting in Malta: birdlifemalta . org

stephanie said says:

Wonderful island & wonderful people….. indeed a lovely place to live/ holiday in 😀

…and to those trying to harm Malta and its people…. pls just don’t visit/ live in it..


therazz07 says:

Great video….beautiful place

djaked says:

What the fuck?

Mr4292 says:

Yes still there, surely changed though.

Noodles37UK says:

I like it in the winter cos I’m fair skinned and the summer tires me. I like the gold colored buildings on dull days and in the summer there’s these amazing purple or red flowers pouring down the walls : )

Noodles37UK says:

Can pronounce any place name easily and laugh at British tourists who haven’t a clue how to say Xewkija haha!

TheBugeja2992 says:

actually ur Maltese was very good, maltese is tough language to read and write

fatimamovement says:

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Noodles37UK says:

Ma nafx nitkelem Malti. Lol! Misseriah Scocciz, omni Maltija. My spelling’s apalling uhx.

433mg says:

Love Malta!!! Happy people!

mysocalledlife66 says:

Um….this is the island of sun. But I guess maybe some people are not used to that. And our people our exotic. But I guess there are haters out there that fail to see the beauty in things. An island in the heart of the Medittaranean surrounded by water and good food. The Maltese people are know for their hospitality. Their economy is tourism.

megor7866 says:

@dtremzo, u sound like the type off person that will feel much more at home in Ibiza you know, common tacky and no class or culture. maltese ppl have always been loverly to me my guess is that YOU were the problem

megor7866 says:

@dtremzo, u sound like the type off person that will feel much more at home in Ibiza you know, common tacky and no class or culture. maltese ppl have always been loverly to me my guess is that YOU were the problem

paula280690 says:

what a bullshit loool

dtremzo says:

Malta sucks.weather is shit.women is fuckin ugly and have hairy armpits.the country smells.the people are arrogant..I feel sorry for malteses people.don’t go there for a break.u will regret it

dtremzo says:

Malta is a shitpit.fuckin stinks

Levente Gyalus says:

Beautiful country, great video! I’ve been there 3 times and I hope I will go back soon!
Greetings from Hungary!

joydbest says:

yepp..malta for sure is a nice island…full of nature..rounded with beaches….fresh air…perfect for summer :]

muse001 says:

gosh sure it has changed! like every other place 🙂 I am now living in another country and it kills me not being home!

TheXGaMeR16 says:

i am maltese and in my opinion i dont like malta ! if you have a talent you have no future ! and many of maltese people has old stupid mentality and they are arrogant . not all of them but many of them !

TheXGaMeR16 says:

where do you live ?

polterzzzzzzzz says:


Nicholas Frendo says:

@hrubylesnov all other countries out there have bird hunting. But it happens far from urban areas, and is less evident. In Malta what ever you do, is immediately in the face of everyone else. Then foreign naturalists come butting in, before solving their own problems in their own country.
From my end, I don’t care about hunting, but I still care for the dreams of my people. I live in Malta, and have travelled a lot. But I would never change Malta for anywhere else.

hrubylesnov says:

Apparently the people of Malta are not only cruel but very imbecile too.

hark020 says:

this island killed my life…is preety beautyfull but…i hate to live here.

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