Sinking MV Karwela, as a diving wreck in Gozo, Malta

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From – Sinking Karwela on 12.8.06. A scuttled wreck for divers visiting Gozo. Full description of the gozo diving site at http


вадим ширяев says:

круто.никогда не видел какаблекрушение.

azaaz377 says:

This boat is in the water now?

lauraegm77 says:

its baby titanic :O

lauraegm77 says:

its may titanic :O

lauraegm77 says:

this video is awesome i liked your video! good luck for making more great videos 🙂

lauraegm77 says:

whoa! the smoke stacks fell! that is cool! nice video!

yankeesfanization says:

posiden hated him

MRcubcadet107 says:

so wait?why was it half afloat?was it just stuck on a rock reef or high spot?good vid tho.nice music

marie25544 says:

wow,just too many funnels lol!

spongegob28 says:

Are those blue things funnels? If they are why are there so many?

tobqymaahy3713 says:

woman choice this site happlly

seasnake321 says:

yes mydivergirl2450 thats true, but you can get good dive stories and videos on the web too.. try the myscubastory site. type myscubastory into google and its the first one!

12Maximumride says:

Looks like the titanic all over again, only way smaller

TheGreasepit says:

Just dumping more garbage in the water…..nothing more, nothing less……humans are ruthless, wasteful pigs. The planet deserves to end your occupation here on earth, to replenish itself from your ignorance. And no, I’m no hugger…I’m a welder by trade, and all I see is a huge STEEL hulk wasted instead of recycled, but who cares, everyone’s working right?…….oh yeah right….they’re not, and their houses are being foreclosed on, and unemployment is record high, but it’s for the 20 divers

bizigli1974 says:

i attended a boat party in the karwela 1993 what a nostalgia!!!! 🙂

EutuveX says:

ever read a book ?

tubefox74 says:

Would have been more interesting if someone had a recording of a sinking UNDERWATER. Officer Bubbles would have nightmares after watching it. LOL!!!

vv55sst says:

– Like Speigel Grove almost was and Yukon is.

1337MrSam says:

is it a game ?

lightespeon51 says:

so much smoke staks!!!!!!!! its goen TYtwanik i mean titanic

jerseystar1 says:


clctitanic says:

There are so many theory’s about how titanic sank they should have tested it on a small boat like this and gave it 4 funnels and 2 expansion joints and added parts to roughly make the shape of titanic then sink it and see what happens 😉

Tundraboy05 says:

they aren’t funnels, they’re canisters.

onefugowie says:

why do we find it interesting to look at a boat underwater..

Ronnie Granillo says:

Just a normal day… Holy crap! That boats sinking!

Greg Bishop says:

Awesome music! Best sound I’ve ever heard from my laptop!

garyowenrocks says:

foxx ghawdex kolla haq allec daqs kemm hija sabiha

pinoyboys12 says:

too many funnels

tillmanns1975 says:

The ship was called Frisia II (built 1957) and very often my mother was a passenger on the route norddeich-norderney

tillmanns1975 says:

The ship was called Frisia II (built 1957) and very often my mother was a passenger on the route norddeich-norderney

wesmovies says:

call that titanic style sinking

JediMasterRich says:

Water must be pretty deep there even though it’s close to shore as the ship went down nose first and looked like it might have either barely hit bottom or didn’t hit it at all. The ship looks to be about a hundred and fifty or so feet long too but you would think the water is only about 40-50 feet deep there.

galoon says:

Neat video–was Karwela sunk deliberately as an artificial reef or specifically for wreck diving?

GonzaStas says:

super !!!

elcorodr says:

lOl mee too i would go and play titanic 😀 Lmaooo

mexiacn100boy says:


LofotenTrollfjord says:

arcadia  by gunsolo

bored1980 says:

Run the Timeline Bar backwards and it turns into a surfacing submarine!

gozo4eva says:

i wos on it

Johann Tonna says:

Is there no way to turn Mv Xlendi upright again?

jjisinthehouse007 says:

the titanic sank the same way but this one did not break at the 12 degree angle

swordking51 says:

it made me think of the titanic somehow

justforever96 says:

Yeah, that’s what they’re for. I already got that answered, but thanks anyway. I was just watching this again, and I noticed that it looks like they stripped her down (that sounds a bit wrong. LOL) before they sunk her. All the windows and doors are gone. I guess that’s to make access to the interior easier and safer.

Justin Boswell says:

im not sure but maybe they were put there to make the ship sit upright when it got down there, but thats just a guess

tryithere says:

pretty close to shore there but it looks fairly deep.

Zarry1995 says:


justforever96 says:

Ah, so I was right the second time. I just didn’t think it through enough. Thanks; I’m now that much more educated. Cool music by the way.

justforever96 says:

What’s the deal with the blue things? I thought at first they were funnels, but there’s way to many. Then I thought that they were like big air-bags like they use to raise a sunken ship, but they’re TRYING to sink her. Then I figured that they must be like tunnels for the air to escape, maybe even with valves to make sure she sinks the way they want her to. Does anyone know about this? I’m really curious now.

cptfunkstar says:

theres always something quite sad when seeing a ship sink. such a waste of engineering genius. god bless her.

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