One of the best reasons 1000s of people like to go to Gozo on holiday is the island’s natural beauty. The island of Gozo is an unspoilt paradise, excellent for anyone who loves nature and natural surroundings.

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MALTA: Gozo – Xaghra-Ramla Bay; Nadur-Ta’ Kenuna This is a video about Ramla Bay, Xaghra and Ta’ Kenuna, Nadur, Gozo. Please read info at bottom. Movies & Photos by Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech Video by Alfred & Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech © jasalf5959 – 2009 Please rate our videos and post your comments. Thanks for watching. ============================= Our Youtube Channels are: 1) jasalf5959 MASTER LINK: (Malta related videos) 2) malpen04 MASTER LINK: (Other non-Malta related videos including Music) Ramla Bay or Ramla l-Hamra, is located at the bottom of a rich and fertile valley just beneath the village of Xaghra. Ramla Bay has a splendid stretch of orange sand with blue waters. Beach facilities include cafés, water sports and sunshades are available on the beach. Romans Remains: A 19-room Roman Villa-Bathhouse were discovered beneath the sands. 1910, Dr Temi Zammit led the excavations. The remains were covered in 1915 to protect from posterity. The artifacts and site plans are displayed at the Archeology Museum. Calypso Caves According to Homer in The Odyssey, the nymph Calypso lived in this cave and it is where she entertained Ulysses for 7 years before he resumed his journey. Ramla Batteries & Redoubts: Between 1715-1716, the Knights of St John began building a series of fortifications to guard the bay to prevent the invaders and pirates from disembarking at ease. The plans were further developed by the French military architect

( video 2009, Gozo island, Malta). Dear friends, if you enjoy my video, please, look also another videos from this channel “vladamikulec” ( ) – with more than 130 travel videos. Please, you can also visit my new channel “places of interest” ( ) with about 500 travel videos. Vlada Mikulec, Praha, Czech republic. – Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese group and has a population of 30000. It is just 5km from the main island of Malta but is very different, being about a third of the size of Malta its culture is very rural and simple with fishing and agriculture being the main activities. The locals are called Gozitans and are well known for their friendliness so welcome visitors to their island hideaway.