Lejlet Lapsi – Notte Gozitana

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22-24 May 2009 Arts, culture and entertainment in Victoria, Gozo, Malta


fabrocal says:


fabrocal says:

No problem, It’s that Mike Spiteri and Fakawi are my friends, and I was playing with Spiteri Lucas that night that’s why.
Sorry for the ‘haha’, thought you were maltese.!!?

fabrocal says:

Haha! you named the Mike Spiteri & Fakawi Band as Spiteri Lucas Band. Spiteri Lucas Band played after the Italian Moonlighters.

Joanne3103 says:

Hi jansun612
thanks a lot for this video. We enjoyed watching it. We are Joanne and Peter – the accordion and banjo players of “Sunnyside Folk Ensemble”. We hope, you had a good time on our island Gozo.

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