The Blue Hole is a sinkhole or collapsed cavern in the limestone at Dwerja near San Lawrenz, on Gozo, one of the three islands that make up Malta. It’s about 10 by 5 metres, and the entry point is reached via a slightly rough (but not too bad) walk over the rocks. There are stairs and handrails in places, as this is a spot heavily frequented by tourists and divers. A shallow pool with quite a knobbly bottom surrounds the Blue Hole on the landward side, and we staggered across that and flopped into the Hole itself to put on our fins.

Malta, Gozo, Marsalforn, Summer 2003, Music: Xemx, Domenic Grech and The Tramps

Dive on the island Gozo (Malta) at the Blue Hole & Azure Window made by Sandy, Ernie and guide Brian of dive centre Dive Deep Blue on Malta. Descended in the Hole and went via the cave through the Azure Window. From there westward to the chimney. Ascending this crack to the Coral Garden and downward back to the entry of the Blue Hole. A magnificant scenic dive site!

Scuba Diving Malta Gozo Inland Sea Rafal Stacewicz Dorota Iwankiewicz.

Azure window is a must see, when visiting Gozo Island. You will see the public transport bus station and big number of visitors, which a coming here.
Spectacular views of the sea and of this natural phenomenon.

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Driving to Azure Window in Gozo, Malta♪

Dwejra is one of the most popular dive sites in Gozo. This video presents the most common diving locations from Dwejra.

Лазурное окно, Гоцо, Мальта / Azzure Window, Gozo, Malta

Das weltberühmte “Blaue Fenster” ist Pflichtprogramm für alle Malta- und Gozo-Urlauber!
You will spend Your next Holiday on Malta and/or Gozo?
So please visit the “Azure/Blue Window”! It´s so much fantastic!