Another sunset at Xlendi bay, followed by nightclub in Gozo, La Grotta.

Malta & Gozo photos 2014 including Dj Bounce Feat Andreias Mihai Ma Jolie

Guest from Italy Christmas Eve LOVE.BOX
RINO TICLI @ KU Disco Club – Gozo – MALTA


This is an after-movie of Darbuka House Malta on the 26th of June 2013 at La Grotta Gozo, Malta. Video Production by Anthea Saliba © 2013.

In a far away land where Calypso’s isle rises from the surrounding blue sea,
behold a gathering of magical tribes in a secret Grotto.

A grotesque ceremony of colour and magic, where your reality is an illusion and the illusion is a party

Enter a surreal world of music, illusions and riveting performance.

Into the wild where your musical journey unfolds from the sun to the moon and the stars.

In the Secret Grotto where trickery and mysteries unfold

In the valley of Eden where the Original music is committed

In Collaboration with:

Club Partners:
La Grotta Leisure –

Area Partners:
Into the Wild (NL) –
Prime Time –
Why so Serious? –
Full Moon Promo

3D & Ambient Visuals by Cenk Unis (NL)
Camera & Edit by Pure Media Malta

This 2014 open yourself to Sunscape Festival:

‘Bienvenue au Moulin Rouge’ and be immersed in the fantastical underworld of 1900s Paris while celebrating BEAUTY, FREEDOM and LOVE

Freedom and love await
through the Moulin Rouge gate

The culprits of fun, always on the run
This Day, together they have come

Some from near, some from far
In their eyes they all had a Star

This Risque event has been brought to you by Victor John & Twain
Camera & Edit: Ruby & Gian at Pure Media
Music: Camiel Daamen
In Collaboration with Cisk, Pop my Gallery & Gallery Marceoux

Fire jugglers along our select list of entertainers will take you on a journey.
A journey in time and musical perfection.

We will be honoured by your presence in this magical event and are sparing no effort to make your Masquerade dreams come true.

The night will start off with Philip on the Cello and Simon on the Violin playing a fusion of exquisite classical and contemporary music followed by
Dj Mykill supported by Kevin on percussions and Philip on the Cello,
Dj Duncan F accompanied by D-Ego Sax (Italy) on the saxophone
and last but not least Julian Drury.

Dresscode: Strictly Masquerade/Risque (Venetian Mask, Black Tie)
Entrance: Strictly by Invitation (Invites are non transferable)

Official Page The Scientists Of Sound Facebook – booking :

In a Palace, the famed cabaret is set to take place.
All around you — a dazzle — tuxedos and lace.

All courtesans dolled up, all lads drink in hand
For it’s Moulin Rouge night — it’s the talk of this land!

The plush curtains unveil- the night has begun.
‘Risque!” they shout, now let’s start the fun!!

Summer Closing White Party

After Last year’s success, we would like to invite you to the second edition of Arabian Nights – A Snowy Night in Arabia set in Malta’s most amazing outdoor venue, Kantra Bay, Gozo.

As always we will be taking you on a journey to another level of reality.


Duncan F, Miss Roberta, Julian Drury, Pantos & Roltek

PACHA’S PEAK hosted by Why So Serious? in collaboration with Gee Records starring:

Mykill & Bongo, Alvin Gee, Luke Funk, Pjam, Jaymee & Mr. M.

Also featuring Belly Dancing by Artemocion &
fiery performances by Catchafire Malta

Think Arabian Nights with a touch of white
Think harem costumes, arab slaves, Pashas, turbans & face veils

Life was becoming boring for Aladdin. He had partied all across the desert but nothing seemed to be doing it anymore.
Many friendships were forged along the way, Even Ali Baba and his 40 thieves were part of his entourage now.

It was during a frustrated discussion with his lovely Jasmin and his crowd that he bit his lip in frustration and let his imagination go wild……..

He imagined a magical place by the sea where it’s beautiful people were free to be themselves.
He imagined fire blowers, belly dancers and great performances.
He let himself get seduced by the images in his head and……
That is when he started to feel the music entrance him while absently rubbing his magical lamp to the sound of the beat.
His wish has come true… and he is waiting to share it with you.

Arabian Nights @ KANTRA—TA’CENC – 13TH JUNE 2009
another magical night at Gozo’s most exclusive outdoor venue.

Duncan F, Ruby, MyKill & the Bongoman,
Peterpaul , Grigal and Antoine on percussions