Course de chevaux dans les rues de Victoria

Quick video of a morning fishing session.

Nature and man made wonders, temples, lakes and relaxing places. It’s all here in Gozo – The Serenity Island. One beautiful Sunday morning I took famous Reksio Dog from my home town Bielsko-Biala, Poland to explore the most popular sights and discover some hidden gems of Malta’s sister island. Land of Calypso, Tanti and impressive Christian churches. Unspoiled spots of unparalleled beauty and many, many more. Let’s go, Reksio ! Ready ? Hau, Hau !!! – comfy shoes, hat, camera and plenty of water – bowl for dog too 🙂

A day off the coast of Gozo, Malta. Looking for dolphins – and finding turtles.

A beautiful 10ft blue shark off Gozo s’ coast. We even ended up feeding it!!! What a truly amazing experience!

A friend went off to the World Cup and asked me could I mind 4 kittens which were delivered on his balcony 6 weeks ago. These kittens are so cute, furry and funny. They’ve been to the Vet and are in great shape. All use litter tray perfectly. They love to play and hide. They are great fun.

I also took the Persian mother up along with the 4 kittens. My friend asked could I also see if I can get good homes for all of them.

The mother is Persian cat. Very tame and quiet. Makes great company. I am not too sure if the black and white kitten is a Persian. But it sure is beautiful.

Have been looking for good homes for the mother and 4 kittens. Going well so far. I have good homes for 2 kittens. I still have the kitten which has full grey fur on its back and the mother cat.

Wednesday 18th June 2014: Have homes for the last kitten and the Mum cat. So all now have good homes.

(HD) The Famous Cats of Gozo, Malta 2014
The cats od Gozo are said to be on this Island for around 4000 years most of the cats have DNA from Eygpt

I almost steped on him – he is really good in changing the color for being invisible ;-). I liked to watch him on walking. Look how he is putting his leg on the ground. And in general on looking at his slow careful, but continous walking, I had an impression that he was thinking something like this: ” oops, it seems someone is watching me, I should slowly disapper from here” ;-). Try to see it on video ;-).

We went fishing around 8 a.m. and we met some dolphins. One of them was so friendly that came close to the boat and swam with us.

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This was the first time that a turtle release had been undertaken from the Island of Gozo.

Robin had been in rehabilitation the longest after he was found with a fishing line wrapped around his front flipper. The line cut deep into Robin’s flesh and exposed the bone. After months of therapy and medical care the flipper healed and the swelling subsided.

Tiny Tim was the smallest turtle to be kept in rehabilitation and together with Moon were rescued by Birdlife Malta volunteers. The two turtles were in for a short stay because they were not diving and feeding due to plastic swallowed.
The turtles had been in rehabilitation over the past few months at at Nature Trust’s San Lucjan. Within a week there have two release events bringing the total of released turtles in 2013 to six.

Vincent Attard, the Nature Trust Malta Executive President, gave thanks to the the Armed Forces of Malta — Marine Squadron MQR who transported the three turtles over Gozo, to prevent a long distance travel and to prevent them becoming distressed.

Attard, thanked his committed and energetic team of trained volunteers who make up the Wildlife Rescue Team, they are called out to rescue protected wildlife, which include hedgehogs, bats and reptiles. “Thanks also go to Save Hondoq Front for helping in the logistics at Hondoq Bay together with Qala Local Council and HSBC Staff Volunteers who helped in the release event.”

Nature Trust (Malta) also thanked the Malta Aquaculture Research Centre, The Environment Directorate of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, Veterinary Surgeon Anthony Grupetta and the turtle adopters who contribute towards raising funds for the medical expenses and for the building of the Wildlife Rehab Centre at Xrobb l-Ghagin, which will have a capacity of 30 tanks, an operating theatre, an Intensive Care Unit and an interactive education room.

The NGO appeals to the public to report any injured turtles or other local wildlife if noted to either the Nature Trust (Malta)’s Wildlife Rescue Section on 9942 2085 and 99422086 or call MEPA on Emergency Number 99210404.

People wishing to help with donations for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre project are asked to contact Nature Trust (Malta) on