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A glimpse of what the beautiful Maltese Islands have to offer. The remarkable history and vibrant colours of Malta, the tranquil, laid back atmosphere of Gozo and the crystal clear sea surrounding the tiny island of Comino. Video Production: Armand Attard Films | Music: Neil Cowley


djdayweedee says:

Very nice Video…Check my Malta Video, filmed in Dec 12…. Check my channel

Michael Folker says:

Many, many years ago I worked w/ a retired U.S. Navy officer, whose last tour of duty was on Malta. He just went on & on about what a fantastic place it was.

A coupla years ago I got to see it for the first time: absolutely heavenly. Thanks 4 this.

Serpico italia says:


missmalta1980 says:

come and join my group on facebook maltese people around the globe ….

AegeanViper says:

Cheers from Greece

Mircea Costiniuc says:

Great video. 

schembrilllllll says:

my whole family is from malta i hope to visit one day and possibly buy land there it looks like an amazing island

missmalta1980 says:

Come and join my amazing group on FACEBOOK it for people that love Malta and maltese people around the globe ….. the group called maltese people around the globe hope to see u there….

MakssBelov says:

Hello, happy people living on a wonderful hot country island 🙂

For the first time in my life I shall visit Malta from 8-12 September, I am doing photography and what I badly need is a nice young couple in wedding clothes to make professional pictures on this beautiful area. All the pictures will be done for free. I need them to take part in competitions and for porfolio as well.

See you ver very soon! ()

please always contact me by mail:

missmalta1980 says:

Come and join my great group on facebook. It called maltese people around the globe .. grazzi hafna

TriqRoss says:

Nice, I also love the music video done in Malta by a swedish artist. “jei tattoo” even though it is not as touristy look, all those things made on Malta makes you KNOW it is beautiful island.

tarek307 says:

Amazing! Love from across the Meditteranean, Alexandria, Egypt!

Samwel Bartolo says:

I like this video!!!!

Lucyjlslover says:

Woo I’m going back to Malta tomorrow can’t waitttttt!3

Anthony Falzon says:

What a beautiful place to visit. Food is great & also the people.

Dj MonoElectro says:



mucmucmuc says:

aaaaaa my beautiful Malta.

Amir Wertheimer says:

Born in Birkirkara!

Pro7xxxD says:

very  beautifull

chantelle calleja says:

aa nice place

Ramin Mehdiyev says:

Thank you very much for your votes for Azerbaijan!! Malta is very shiny country! Thank u very much! Best wishes from Land of fire- Azerbaijan!

toltec19 says:

Im half Maltese and Half Lebanese
When i look in the mirror every morning i want to eat pasizzi’s…. lol

livinglife150 says:

Chanelorelli!!! It is so cool to know that there is someone who has maltese roots in Austria …. I always thought I’m the only one here 🙂 would love to get to know you!

badzeezo says:

hey dude , i’m in senior year and english is my second language , i searched and i found that the college of Malta which it teachs in english has a great rate of university , i hope that i can go there for the next summer to study english in summer and it’s in the university 🙂 best regards

Kenan Tahirzade says:

Greets fro Azerbaijan :))

tilbinio says:

This summer i am going to Malta looks great.

airgear1977 says:

who lives in Hal Qormi?

Paul Vella says:

Nice one…many likes!

Noodles37UK says:

My parents met at the Grand Harbour 1963. Omni Maltija. Ma nafx nitkellem Malti. Can I get some thumbs up uhx

chanelorelli says:

i´m half maltese too but I live in Austria ;)

Lucyjlslover says:

Me & my family are from malta and we go every year, it’s a really really really nice place, especially the sea & beach!

MorganaPirahna says:

Wow. My boyfriend is Maltese and were traveling there at the end of the year. Then visiting Spain (where my family lives) then back home to Australia. If Malta is this beautiful, it seems it might just surpass Spain! Haha!

Carmel Teuma Vella says:

Well done. Bring a tear to my eyes to see my little homeland.

Mateja Muller says:

I’m going there next week saturday! Can’t wait!

eeetttooo says:

la echo de menos… ;(

3saffiresugar16 says:

Beautiful. I can’t wait to go visit.

3saffiresugar16 says:

So beautiful. I can’t wait to visit.

3saffiresugar16 says:

So beautiful. Can’t wait to visit.

ukyorkie1 says:


jaderizzo says:

definitely its amazing and the people are really friendly!

BYAMIL91 says:

Maltese beloved brothers and sisters! we love you! We would like to see you in the final this year! Amil in Azerbaijan

maltikburi2 says:

this is MALTA <3

Yusif Huseynzade says:


Neil Spiteri says:

Malta does have very good education and the university offers an amazing amount of courses. It’s easy to travel around since it is a small island and it’s not hard to live here. People are very friendly and the vast majority speak English well. We have mild weather, not too cold in winter but gets a bit warm in summer. I would strongly recommend coming here to study! It will be a great experience 🙂

Martin Kelly says:

Well, its the only university I know and it’s pretty good!

Ethan Vassallo says:

Its great trust me 🙂

Thomaz Malta says:

Picture quality and editing are both amazing on the same artistic level. However I would have loved to see the oldest standing prehistoric temples in the world, and also the hypogeum, which is a one of a kind prehistoric architectural marvel! 😉

Caterpii says:

My mum is telling me I should go university in Malta when I finish school p: I’m 15 right now. Do you think its a good idea?

kandem360 says:

I have a stop-over in Malta coming up….if this is what I’m going to miss, then I am truly sad. So beautiful! Looks like a land of watercolours.

Kelly14UK says:

Ma nafx mitkellem Malti lol Omni Malt- eeee – yaaaa He he.

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