From – Sinking Karwela on 12.8.06. A scuttled wreck for divers visiting Gozo. Full description of the gozo diving site at http

For better shells check out my latest video St.Joseph Fireworks Factory, Ghaxaq, Malta, 2012 Shells. …. made by the same guy.

This video was filmed in Malta between 02.2005 to 08.2005 and edited in extreme rush in 2 hours (night before my plane back home for vacation, I made it specially to show Malta to my friends and parents back in Ukraine). The soundtrack is an “Everyday song” by “Winter Moods” (Maltese band, All filmed on an amateur Panasonic NV-28EN by me except 3 helicopter shots which I took from the stock footage in the studio I work for. PS. Following the arguments in the comments I calculated the amount of shots that were done in Malta, Gozo and Comino and they are approximately Malta (60), Comino (20), Gozo (15). So it’s Malta guys which features the most 😉

A glimpse of what the beautiful Maltese Islands have to offer. The remarkable history and vibrant colours of Malta, the tranquil, laid back atmosphere of Gozo and the crystal clear sea surrounding the tiny island of Comino. Video Production: Armand Attard Films | Music: Neil Cowley

The documentary: As the subtitle says we show 21 facts about Malta. Those are: 01: The temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra 02: St. Pauls Island 03: Busride with the oldest Maltese Bus in Service 04: Flight over Malta and Gozo with Eagle Heli Flights Malta 05: Blue Grotto with Blue Grotto Boat Trips and Fifla Rock 06: Malta Cuisine, feat.: Tax-Xiha Bar and Restaurant Blue Grotto 07: Sliema 08: Mosta – a traditional wedding 09: Comino 10: Marsaxloxx 11: Peter Bergers Pool 12: Ta Qali craft village 13: Popey Villace / Ancor Bay 14: the Red Tower 15: Ghar Lapsi 16: Gozo (Azure Window, Inland Sea, Viktoria …) 17: Valletta 18: Dingli Cliffs 19: Paceville 20: Malta Music Scene, MTV Music week 21: Mdina – the silent city at night The movie is a non profit production by Alex Pfeiffer – owner from

Italian officials say divers have pulled out a woman’s body from the capsized Costa Concordia, raising to 13 the number of dead in the Jan. 13 accident off the Tuscan island of Giglio. Italian police released underwater video footage of their efforts to find bodies on the stricken Costa Concordia vessel. Coast Guard divers have been concentrating on parts of the ship where survivors have said many passengers were awaiting evacuation the night of January 13 after the Concordia’s hull was gashed by a reef as the cruise liner came too close to the island.

This guys decribed themselves as expirienced divers but proved themselves terribly wrong …..

A once in a lifetime experience. The video is a bit shaky as I am trying to outswim the Mola Mola to get it from all sides. It was .. impressive…
Diving with Calypso Diving Centre, Marsalforn, Gozo.

Some more info: the video was shot at a depth of around 15m, not more. We rolled off the inflatable, dropped down and there it was. The location is Wied il Mielah, on the north coast of Gozo. The first part of the video is a continuous take (missing the initial swim towards the Mola as my gopro was switched off!!!, luckily I did a quick check)
My buddy on that dive, Erik Vestrum, can be seen with a camera, taking pictures. He also took a 10 second video, wich I spliced in at around 3 minutes. There is a clear change in sound. The diver in that shot is me swimming next to and videoing the Mola. FYI… I am 1.94m tall (without fins… ;))
I have been contacted for some more info as this may be the largest Mola ever seen.
The last part of the video was taken around 20 minutes later at roughly the same depth but from further away as we returned from our tour of the dive site.

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Departure of Malta Air Charter helicopter Mil Mi-8 (LZ-CAE) from Gozo Heliport, for a short flight back to Malta-Luqa Airport.

Future diving wrecks of Vessels Karwella & Cominoland

Gozo, meaning joy in Castilian, is the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago, with a population of approximately 30000. Though separated from mainland Malta by a 5km stretch of sea, Gozo is distinctly different from Malta. The Island is a third the size of Malta, more rural and simple, its culture and way of life rooted in fishing and agricultural activity. Gozo and its inhabitants have their own distinct character and identity, with noticeably different lifestyles, accents and dialect. Gozitans are known for their friendliness, going out of their way to indicate a direction or help visitors find their destination.

A beautiful 10ft blue shark off Gozo s’ coast. We even ended up feeding it!!! What a truly amazing experience!