21 things you have to know about Malta – A MALTESE LOVE STORY

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The documentary: As the subtitle says we show 21 facts about Malta. Those are: 01: The temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra 02: St. Pauls Island 03: Busride with the oldest Maltese Bus in Service 04: Flight over Malta and Gozo with Eagle Heli Flights Malta 05: Blue Grotto with Blue Grotto Boat Trips and Fifla Rock 06: Malta Cuisine, feat.: Tax-Xiha Bar and Restaurant Blue Grotto 07: Sliema 08: Mosta – a traditional wedding 09: Comino 10: Marsaxloxx 11: Peter Bergers Pool 12: Ta Qali craft village 13: Popey Villace / Ancor Bay 14: the Red Tower 15: Ghar Lapsi 16: Gozo (Azure Window, Inland Sea, Viktoria …) 17: Valletta 18: Dingli Cliffs 19: Paceville 20: Malta Music Scene, MTV Music week 21: Mdina – the silent city at night The movie is a non profit production by Alex Pfeiffer – owner from www.pfeiffer-medien.at


Stefan Fenech says:

great pleasure watching this video

Andrew Soler says:

Malta is beautiful lovely and the greates place to go on holiday it a great palce for an average Joe Maltese people are very very nice but its not a place for dreamers because of it s size . And Malta gets boring after a long time. i am pure maltese and live here and like it but would not mind moving in the future because Malta s getting to crowded now

zycores says:

moving to malta from sweden, this seems nice.

maltese falcon says:

Hi do you live in oz? Australia is not what it use to be either. Its very expensive and boring, In summer we get 4 seasons in the one day. The weather here is shit compared to malta, thats why we dont get many european tourist

890luckycharms says:

A superb piece of work. Very informative. I enjoyed it very much.

maltese falcon says:

Hi i live in sydney australia and like you want to live in malta. If you have an income and dont have to work over there, then malta is definetly better than here. I plan on moving to malta in 2014.

drugobianconero91 says:

GRAZZI HAFNA my friend =D

QANTAS1978 says:

brother you are welcome in malta especially italians, i wish you all the best in your future with your girlfreind and your life in malta

drugobianconero91 says:

i lived in Marsa small city there isn t a big distance between Hamrun , i think of return in Malta for ever in the summer, my girlfriend is Maltese.

QANTAS1978 says:

buon per te mio fratello italiano, Malta è una terra bellissima, proprio come l’Italia. ben moderna malta è italiano influence.us maltese sono orgogliosi di avere linee di sangue italiano in noi cosí come customs.i simili desidera il nostro calcio era come seria A. .. lol Forza Juve …… che parte di malta hai vissuto in ? Ciao fratello

drugobianconero91 says:

im italian , but i lived in Malta (Marsa).
Malta is the best country in the world.
My heart is in Malta.

QANTAS1978 says:

i am born in australia but 100% maltese and proud of where my family came from forza malta u il maltin viva malta!

QANTAS1978 says:

the best european holiday destination ever malta 4 eva

ab26x says:

Your music taste and choice is garbage for this and really ruins the video for me. I could tolerate it for a bit, but you have it running the entire time even during conversations.

MyWagga says:

I got a flat in Malta and my wife is Maltese. I’m retiring there eventually. Peviously lived there for two years. This vid has brought back a lot of memories.

Spielkind5000 says:

seriously…you should have better booked one of the language classes..I mean your video is one of the best on youtube but your pronunciation..graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!You’re German right?Unique English pronunciation xD

garthdobrinyasoyuz says:

Well done, great footage.

Don Shacks says:

Love Málta. Going again this summer! 😀

FollowShit says:

Thumbs Up if you are going to malta this summer.

MaltaCovered says:

Fantastic Video about Malta and Gozo. We will be placing a link of this video on our website MaltaCovered(dot)com. Our visitors will enjoy this video. Thanks for making it, and next time your over, make sure you give us a call at MaltaCovered(dot)com

whotaughtyou says:


whotaughtyou says:






Eliza Andriese says:


LuMier48 says:

Fuck the USA! Arrogant people! Mitted!

Malta is much better!


there is a study of oxford that shows that 60% of the maltese people has ARAB middle easteren blood. DNA haplogroup J1 so they have semetic blood and belief me its a gift not a shame at all!!! the beauty of maltese people shows middle eastren arab beauty not aryan european feautures they are ugly not exotic and hot like arabs.

Kalean Borg says:

dont move to malta its terrible 1.the roads are fucking bumby and small.2 the bills areexpensive and so as other things

stalinj715 says:

неужели ? …

john c says:

I visit Malta twice,went all over the island for half nothing on the old and newer bus’s,lovley people,great architectural sights,wonderful weather,wish to be there again,harbour cruise from sliema and a stroll through mdina is a must.

Gyuri Czifra says:

the guy sounds just like brüno lol

Wayne Freeman says:

@ the bloodcleaner, do it. If you sell everything up here in australia and don’t have much owing to the bank you will live like a king or queen over there. Unfortunately people like JMbrighton haven’t the faintest clue on what they’re talking about

Wayne Freeman says:

JMbrighton wtf are you talking about you fool. Yes Malta may be struggling with their currency but rating it as the same prices in Australia, really?? Please tell me what has changed on the island as I cannot tell as I have been there 6 times in the last ten years

Dave Moffatt says:

Nice job, this is going to be my first Christmas away from Dortmund.. I fancied going somewhere hot, instead. What’s the best way to spend a week in December on the islands ?

zghvbn1 says:

you must be fucking huge !!!

devilfox5 says:

Sorry i have Claustrophobia can’t go to small island !

Claire Ann says:

From Malta And PROUD !

jmbrighton58 says:

Stay in Australia!

Malta is no longer what it was and considerably more expensive compared to Australia. Salary levels are much lower than most of Europe. Malta is also struggling within the Eurozone but is in denial.

jmbrighton58 says:

A very nice video.

Unfortunately Malta is no over priced and has forgotten its history, legacy and its need to attract tourists as there is little else in Malta. The party island image is now expensive with drinks and food considerably cheaper in areas outside of Malta and the Eurozone.

jozik narmalna says:

0.47.00 ништяк, все намана !

TheBloodcleaner says:

I live in Australia and want to move to Malta to live with my Children , No life here but lots of money and lots of big bills to pay, What do you think about life in Malta?

Olexandr Moroz says:

i half maltise half itallian half franch an russian

Olexandr Moroz says:

i live in Malta

lennonpolo says:

Those tourists are keeping your country going!

bardo0007 says:

the reporter remind me osf someone in a british comedy show about the french resistance.

wiseone1949 says:

So sad, the old Malta Classic busses have been removed, some of the Malta charm is gon forever. Such a shame!

ViralVinyls says:

he’s kinda creepy

G00n3r4Life says:

Nah not in Valetta there used to be, but all the clubs are in Paceville st Julians or Bugibba. Numreo uno is also a good club its in rabat. Im half maltese so i go every year with my cousins, Paceville is definitely worth the bus journey 🙂

enjoy the island says:

Having moved to Malta about one year ago I decided to leave Malta as soon as possible. Why: the jobs offered to foreigners are boring and the foreign companies coming to Malta spread a “we provide our employees a boring job to prepare get retired in their mind” mentality. Unlike in (at least nothern) Italy or other countries your don´t get into contact with maltese people, the art scene is active but local and somehow looking into the past. Movie-agencies are closed to foreigners (unlike nothern Italy for example) and too many foreigners living on the island have a “just getting drunk or look how to get drunk with my payslip” mentality. Malta gave and still gives me a lot of inspirations but it is unfortunately a holiday island and an island attracting too many people with a “maybe – we will see” attitude. Don´t get me wrong: I do not care about people being chaotic in the way they take their decisions as long as they take their decisions. But when you apply (be it for jobs, taking part in events) you meet a certain island mentality among maltese and a “well we don´t know ourselves what we want” mentality among foreigners. I decided to enjoy a payed holiday on the island for another 6 months and to leave afterwards for a place providing more, well…..activies. Il-gurnata t-tajba

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